Expert Advice

Our expert staff are available to troubleshoot simple or complex research design, data analysis and computing problems. If necessary, expert working groups are convened to meet with researchers (with or without subscriptions) to discuss and plan their experiments, work through the data to be analysed, get advice on progress or just troubleshoot. Typical subjects to date have included:

Microbial & de novo genomics – from Acinetobacter resistance to Oral, Obesity and Asthma Microbiomes.

Clinical exome/genome analysis- from the ALLOCATE project (Ovarian cancer) to the Endocrine Virtual Laboratory and the Mesothelioma Genome project.

Epigenomics integrative analysis – from bladder, breast and prostate cancer to investigating developmental changes in bone-bone marrow development.

RNAseq & de novo assembly – from HIV, Leukemia, stroke and diabetes to the Axolotl transcriptome.

Microscopy – from colon cancer, mitotic chromosomes and spinal injury recovery in zebrafish embryos.

Molecular modelling & dynamics – with major expertise in high performance computing systems used for complex modelling projects.

High-end computing and cloud computing – choosing an applying for the right environment, maximising jobs, data management, software etc.

Grant writing – including letters of support, methods text, budgetary advice, resource estimates etc.

In-house training

Collaborative project management

For academics and students, there are no charges for consultations and training for all University of Melbourne and affiliated researchers. Usually we can get people set up and working in the right direction just by consulting amongst our team. Whilst we have deep expertise in human, cancer and microbial genomics, we can also locate expertise for plant, animal and environmental biologists from our extensive local and international networks. For longer collaborations, groups often subscribe on a shared-cost basis, giving them much better access to expertise than hiring in-house, and with the flexibility to access a range of experts as needed.

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