Dr Chol-Hee Jung

Dr Chol-Hee Jung

Research Scientist

+61 3 9035 3361

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  • BSc, University of Korea, South Korea
  • MSc, University of Korea, South Korea
  • PhD, University of Queensland, QLD, Australia


Research Papers:

Joo J.E., E.M. Wong, L. Baglietto, C.H. Jung, H. Tsimiklis, et al. 2013. The use of DNA from archival dried blood spots with the Infinium HumanMethylation450 array. BMC Biotechnol 13: 23.

Jung C.H., C.E. Wong, M.B. Singh, P.L. Bhalla. 2012. Comparative genomic analysis of soybean flowering genes. PLoS One 7: e38250.

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