New version of the mGVL

Simon Gladman has now published a new version of the mGVL. It’s now at 0.11-1 and is based on GVL 4.1.

Following loads of testing while at the Galaxy conference (#GCC2016) it now has:

  • the newest version of Galaxy – including embedded JBrowse (as a tool)
  • some image updates
  • a new GVL extension system (for things like IRIDA, SMRT Portal, Web Apollo installations on GVL..)
  • linuxbrew on the commandline with Nullarbor, Snippy, Prokka, bedtools, bwa, blast, kraken, kallisto and others
  • Visualisation software like artemis, Bandage etc.

Work on reference data is scheduled to happen soon.

Archives needed are:

There is a machine with mGVL 0.11-1 on it located at

There are some shared histories on it for trialling with snippy, JBrowse etc.

New training materials are at: