Results demonstrate genomic medicine’s success

News release, Thursday 3 November, 2016

Victorian Health Minister, The Hon Jill Hennessy, today announced key findings from the Demonstration Project of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance, which show that patients get quicker, more accurate diagnosis and more personalised care when genomic sequencing is delivered within healthcare.

We found that when doctors provide genomic sequencing to patients within Victoria’s healthcare system:

  • at least 6 times more patients receive a diagnosis
  • patients receive care tailored to their individual genetic make-up
    (28% of children and 21% of all diagnosed patients had a change in care)
  • patients can have fewer tests because genomic data can be stored and analysed again and again
    (one in 10 undiagnosed patients received a result this way, a number expected to increase as we learn more about the genome from researchers).

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