Our experts are involved in building a range of bioinformatics resources for the Australian research community and making connections with global developments also. Other users are also making their mark in life sciences computing, as seen here.Nike

Featured Projects


PRECEPT – PRostatE CancEr Prognosis and Treatment

This research program aims to: Develop a tissue and blood test that will predict the future risk...find out more


Portable Pipelines Project

In September 2018, talented software engineer, Michael Franklin, joined us to work on a new...find out more


Australian Bioinformatics Commons

Over the past three years several NCRIS-funded projects have brought together research...find out more


The Australian Environmental Microbiome Research Data Cloud

In March 2018 we started work on the Australian Environmental Microbiome Research Data Cloud...find out more


Australian Genomics Health Alliance (Australian Genomics)

Melbourne Bioinformatics is one of 80 partners across Australia and internationally who are...find out more


Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance (Melbourne Genomics)

A Dutch study published in Genetics in Medicine on 4 February 2016 applies a cost analysis to the...find out more


Pan Prostate Genomics Consortium (PPGC)

Many groups around the world have generated Whole Genome DNA Sequence (WGS) data. To co-ordinate...find out more


Human Genomics Group

The Human Genomics Group is focused on enabling medical breakthroughs via new and cutting-edge...find out more


Genomics Virtual Laboratory

Over ten years after the sequencing of the human genome, in 2013 the National eResearch...find out more


August 2019: A new publication arising from a collaboration with Prof Peter Cowan, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and the Department of Medicine at the University of Melbourne was published this month. This work involves new techniques for conducting CRISPR editing in pigs, aiming to improve the compatibility of porcine organs with human recipients. In this study, Melbourne Bioinformatics expert Gayle Philip assisted with carrying out the whole genome sequencing and optimising the bioinformatic analysis to assess the fidelity of FokI-dCas9 editing in the generation of these pigs. See: FokI-dCas9 mediates high-fidelity genome editing in pigs,