ANDS health & medical research data, lunchtime webinar #1

May 9, 2017 - 12:30pm - 1:00pm (AEST)


ANDS health & medical research data, lunchtime webinar #1

WEBINAR 1:  Funders and Publishers: What is being asked of researchers?

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) invite you to join our series of three short 30 minute lunchtime webinars which aim to support better management and publication of Health and Medical data. ANDS is an NCRIS facility whose core purpose is to make Australia’s research data assets more valuable for researchers, research institutions and the nation.

These webinars are free and all ANDS materials are licensed Creative Commons CC-BY to enable easy reuse and re-purposing.

Who would benefit from attending?

  • Researchers
  • Medical Research Institutes
  • Universities
  • Clinician researchers at hospitals
  • Research students (honours, Masters, PhD)
  • Medical librarians and data managers who deal with sensitive data

Speaker list and full webinar details

The webinars will address commonly held concerns from within the health and medical research field around data publication.

Contact Kate LeMay for more information.

These webinars will be recorded. If you can’t attend please register and we will send you the recording and handout links.

Kate LeMay

Senior Research Data Specialist | Australian National Data Service
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