Introduction to Geneious Prime

July 19, 2019 - 9.00am-12.30pm
Room 553, Arts West, University of Melbourne


Introduction to Geneious Prime

This beginners workshop will introduce participants to the biological sequence data analysis software, Geneious Prime.

Geneious Prime is the most cited molecular biology and sequence analysis software in the world.

The University of Melbourne is offering Geneious Prime access to its researchers in 2019.

Geneious Prime is packed with fundamental molecular biology tools and NGS analysis tools including cloning, primer design, and de novo assembly, and can be customised with plugins and algorithms.

Come along to learn direct from a Geneious Prime expert:

  • 45min introductory seminar
  • 2hr hands-on workshop
  • 30-60min Q&A/discussion session.

This is a great chance for students and research staff to learn the basics and ask questions of Geneious Prime support staff.


This workshop is suitable for anyone at the University of Melbourne (and partners) with an interest in using Geneious Prime for their research.

Attendees are required to bring their own laptop computers with: