Introduction to High Performance Computing

October 2, 2017 - 1:30-4.30pm (AEST)
Melbourne Bioinformatics Boardroom, 187 Grattan Street, Carlton, VIC 3053 Australia


Introduction to High Performance Computing

Using High Performance Computing (HPC) resources such as Melbourne Bioinformatics in an effective and efficient manner is key to modern research.  This workshop will introduce you to HPC environments and assist you to get on with your research.

In particular you will learn:

  • What is HPC?
  • Loading software modules
  • Submitting jobs
  • Selecting job queues
  • Monitoring your job’s progress
  • What resources can I request?
  • Selecting appropriate resources

Prerequisites: You will need a basic understanding of Unix, or you should have attended an ‘Introduction to Unix’ workshop in the past. All participants are required to bring their own laptop computers.

LAST RUN: May 3, 2017