UCSC Genome Browser: a full-featured genomic data system

November 8, 2018 - 12.00-3.00pm
Room 455 Arts West North Wing, University of Melbourne


UCSC Genome Browser: a full-featured genomic data system

Robert Kuhn, Associate Director of UCSC Genome Browser, Training and Outreach, Genome Browser licensing

This EMBL-ABR workshop provides hands-on instruction in the use of the UCSC Genome Browser, which is a widely used platform for interpreting many types of genome-wide data for a large number of organisms.  In the context of human genetics, aggregated data from hundreds of projects are available, including short and long variants (SNPs and CNVs), benign and pathogenic variants from several large databases, and metagenomic data such as histone- and DNA modification.  The Browser provides a consistent interface and gene models for mouse and more than 120 other animals.

The workshop will also demonstrate recently added features including display of exons only, display of discontinuous regions of the genome and the simultaneous, joint configuration of multiple wiggle files, such as are used to display RNA-seq data.

Prerequisites: Attendance at two introductory webinars (a recording will be made available afterwards for those who can’t attend at scheduled time)
Webinar 1: Using the UCSC Genome Browser
Webinar 2: UCSC Genome Browser Data